About Us

Shatoot is a young engineering consulting firm aiming to work with the Afghan Government, international development agencies, and the private sector and provide them with expertise they need for planning and implementation of infrastructure projects in the country. Our scope of work includes transportation, buildings, water and sewer, energy and environmental projects.

Shatoot aims to pump innovative and sustainable ideas and services to the Afghan engineering industry.

With a wide network of local and international experts, we offer an energetic, passionate, and innovative group of planners, architects, designers, project managers, consultants and trainers.

Shatoot provides design, construction, and engineering consulting services for companies that:

  • Do not possess in-house capacity or resources;
  • Are in the middle of a time-critical project and need support;
  • Do not have access or do not want to work in specific areas of the country due to security, social, or other issues;
  • Need to deliver a task but do not want to hire new resources;
  • Seek cost-effective solution for short or long-term assignments;

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